Whiteboard, As Seen From Above

Why the Care Bears, of all people, chose to project an image of Pat molesting other people's girlfriends into the sky, I'll never know.

Manhandled-Megan by Megan, butterfly (on the right) by Caitlin.


Founding Fathers

This is it: the original. Our first backsy-forthsy, takesy-turnsy, callsy-responsey dry erase board. And it shows. Still, I'm not embarrassed. This is the internet after all, and I've seen worse. Graffiti and Casey Jones by Dan, more graffiti and a cat-or-a-rabbit by Jen. Even more graffiti by Caitlin. It's from November, 2006.


Galactus Never Learned to Ice Skate

When I was little, I once managed to convince my parents to take me to Sesame Street on Ice. They probably still resent me for it.