Modus operandi interruptus

Here we have a board from last December, one that we were feeling pretty confident about; space was established early, multi-directional motion. Then Jen came and censored everything, putting clothes on all our naked tribes-persons and throwing cats or cat-like things everywhere and giving Jesus a pottymouth.

I like to think our whiteboard is a bit more exclusive now.


Showdown at the Angkor Corral

See, when you draw a cowboy, he's usually in a desert. And then when your roommate eventually draws the Katamari Prince rolling a tumbleweed, it's generally an indication that this is definitely the desert. So then, when you draw Odeko rolling a pangolin, you feel confident that we are, in fact, in the desert. And then your roommate goes and draws a giant Cambodian head and suddenly we're in the jungle.


An Underwater Extravaganza

This one started with disaster: a diver running away. It was later revealed that he was running from a mermaid. Then things got ratcheted up, with drownings, swallowings, a snailhag, the Titanic, Atlantis, etc.

Volcanoes in the top-left of these things is all my fault. It's for extra over the top-ness. I'm sorry. Also, an interesting note: look at how differently Todd and I draw octopuses (my octopus monster on the previous board, and his Beatles octopus on this one).