Modus operandi interruptus

Here we have a board from last December, one that we were feeling pretty confident about; space was established early, multi-directional motion. Then Jen came and censored everything, putting clothes on all our naked tribes-persons and throwing cats or cat-like things everywhere and giving Jesus a pottymouth.

I like to think our whiteboard is a bit more exclusive now.


Pat said...

I'm pretty sure we become true guardians of the whiteboard. Every time Todd's girlf and fellow-roommate, Megan, draws on it she gets the big erase. Yes. We are true jerks about it now.

Megan said...

It's true. They don't keep anything I draw on the board. Pretty snobby, considering the only people who check this blog regularly are the three people who live in the house with the whiteboard. By the way Pat and Todd, we need to buy bread.