And I'm Freeeeeee as a Biiirrrrrrrd

Today we're trying a new labeling system, because we always run out of room in the labels. This should also create more overlap in labels between posts. So, if something's a reference to a specific work, we name the work. If the reference is to a myth or legend, we're broadly naming where from. Superheroes and supervillains only get to be as specific as DC or Marvel.

April Fool! Why would we do something as pedantic and annoying as that? But really, actually we are.


k. crow said...

I think the two of you are made out of magic.

Bob said...

This is amazing!


Dan McCool said...

sweetness you know im no gooooooooooooood

Anonymous said...

i think this is my favorite one that I've found on the site so far. I really like the legendary quality to it. I want to know if you guys are only allowed to use one or two colors each.
No, actually, I don't want to know. Who cares???