Our Sado-Masochistic Relationship

Well, I hoped beyond all hope it wouldn't come down to this, but here's one from the end of November. Certain collaborators have not been carrying certain collaborative weights lately. Certain other collaborators, having become weary of verbally punishing said first collaborators, started enforcing visual punishments by filling up our current board with Keystone Kops. Apparently, verbal punishment worked better, 'cause this board ain't even close to being finished!

Also, that's my parents' house Todd's old man is blowing up.


BradyDale said...

Oh lads! you can't let this happen! Keep your focus! Collaborations always break down along these lines and it's SO SAD! Keep it going! Keep it going!
P.S. Optimus looks awesome!
This Too Will Pass

Dan McCool said...

way to get a job, todd. money beats art again. job= money= tacos= todd with manboobs.